We believe working with youth is just as important as it is working with larger corporations. Recently Synergeering had the privilege of supporting a local 7th grade robotics team, Roboteks Novi. The team is comprised of students focused on engineering, business and marketing. The team participated in a competition where they were challenged to design and program a robot cap   able of various movements including maneuvering around floor obstacles and picking up and relocating certain objects. Not only was the team judged on these mechanical skills but also based on their creativity for sponsorship, business presentation, and even outside charitable participation.

The team produced several 3D print ready CAD drawings to send to Synergeering to have produced with GF-Nylon material so that they could use them on the robot and assist with the above challenges. One of the benefits of using the high-end material is that they were able to withstand the repetitive movements without breaking during the competition.

Upon completion of the parts, the team was invited to the Synergeering facility to take a VIP tour complete with a hands-on experience of what RapidNylon® kind of 3D printing is all about! The students were able to walk through the additive manufacturing process and even break out a sample build where they got to harvest sample parts to take home!

We’re proud to announce that the team ended up taking 2nd place out of 36 teams. Quite impressive for being their first time at the competition! Not only did they place well but they also won the Most Prestigious Award AND the Inspire Award! The teams coach says the additional awards were due to the team’s unique approach in utilizing Selective Laser Sintering 3D printing. A one-way ticket to the States competition was also awarded to the team!

Great job Team!!

If you have any questions about youth team sponsorships please contact Lindsay@Synergeering.com

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