More Prototype Services

RapidNylon Overmold

  • Process: Overmolded RapidNylon parts are produced by a two-step process that utilizes the strength and durability of a RapidNylon part and includes an overmold feature in a variety of thermoplastic rubber materials. The process begins with having a RapidNylon part produced (eliminating the overmold section). An SLA mold is then created based on both sections together (in their correct orientation). The actual RapidNylon part is then inserted into the SLA mold, and the silicone is injected into the cavity creating an overmold effect in the voided area around the RapidNylon part.
  • Material: Materials include a variety of durometers (elasticity) of a rubber-like material.
  • Applications: Having RapidNylon parts overmolded allows for a more complete assembly and further testing! This process is often used for interference fittings, sealing, etc. See also our Applications page! Send your 2 file part package (in exact orientation) for a quote here!

Transparent Parts

  • Transparent Part Prototyping ServicesProcess: From your CAD model, parts are produced layer by layer with a UV laser on a liquid resin build platform. Parts are produced with supports on down faces, and are post processed to ensure their appearance for transparency.
  • Material: Parts are produced with liquid material which sets to a clear tough plastic and are clear coated for full transparency. Parts typically have a heat deflection temperature up to 50°C (122°F). Transparent parts maintain a smooth surface finish with a high level of accuracy.
  • Applications: Transparent rapid prototypes are a viable solution for visual flow testing, specifically induction and liquid systems. Also a solution for visual cutaway’s and mockup/show piece parts!

Flexible Parts

  • Process: Flexible parts can be produced with a 3D printer much like the one used for transparent parts. Parts are produced using a liquid resin and supports to build parts up one layer at a time.
  • Material: Flexible, rubber-like parts can be produced with a very wide range of durometers to fit your needs. (Black is also an option). Tough plastic parts can also be produced without glass filler to enable more flexibility.
  • Applications: Various shore options are your solution for seals & living hinges! Maintain your functionality with more options!

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