Are Your Parts Fully Functional?

RapidNylon® parts are produced using a highly modified additive manufacturing process and a unique blend of high end material. Parts are extremely durable with high heat tolerances, exceptional strength capabilities and chemical insolubility.

Extremely Durable ● High Heat Tolerance ● Pressure Proof ● Liquid Insoluble


Highly modified Laser Sintering (LS) process. This technology uses a pair of C02 lasers to sinter cross sections of parts layer by layer, 0.15 mm at a time. Parts are built on a descending platform within interchangeable build chambers. Un-sintered material surrounding each part acts as support to enable full utilization of the builds and allows for complex parts to easily be produced.

Synergeering has 3 large frame modified LS machines in-house. Each machine is capable to produce parts up to 28" x 15" x 23". Larger parts are easily produced in portions and bonded back together.




RapidNylon® parts are produced with a custom blend of GF-Nylon material that mimics injection molded plastic; a Hydrophobic PA-12. Glass fill increases heat tolerance so that parts can live in temperatures at 150°C (302°F).


Synergeering offers an exclusive post infiltration process which allow parts to live and perform in harsh environments. This post process penetrates parts both inside and out to allow parts to be:

  • Impervious to fuel, oils, coolants, etc.
  • Air Tight (both inside and out)
  • Withstands pressures over 11-bar (159 PSI), design dependent
  • Seals in any residual GF-Nylon powder


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