Blast Guru!

Check out that paint job!!

A new meaning to “body in white”

We’re all just kids at heart!

Interactive Models!

Check out our latest project!

Future of shoe design?

Yep, it’s happening… check it out!

It’s all in the demonstration

OEM takes modeling to a new level

Think outside the cylinder

Read about this entirely new engine by Liquid Piston!

Harsh Environments

Harsh engine environments make a great application for RapidNylon®

Printed Human Specimens

Learn about this unique medical application


Nanolite Launch

Synergeering works with NASA to launch GF-Nylon parts

Wrap Your Brain Around This…

Medical models using real MRI’s


With a CT scan, duplicating the anatomy of an animal is easier than ever before.

 ibuku pet

Testing out the market with kids toys!



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