Rapid Prototyping Questions & Answers

We’re here to help you get through your developmental process with the right technology and material for your projects application. So whether you’re just being introduced to RapidNylon, or know a little about additive manufacturing, we figured you’d have some questions!

What exactly is Rapid Prototyping/Additive Manufacturing?

Rapid Prototyping is a way to produce 3D parts without the use of molds or tooling. It is used most cost effectively when needing a very low quantity of parts or very low production needs. This saves an enormous amount of money and weeks of lead time compared to conventional part duplication methods.

This process, also known as Additive Manufacturing, allows for parts to be built directly from a CAD model. Using a variety of processes and materials, parts are produced in layers by “adding” material until the part is complete. This process is used worldwide (mainly in developmental stages) throughout aerospace, automotive, construction, medical, education, & common consumer industries.

How is the price of RapidNylon determined?

The price of RapidNylon parts are completely based on time, material and complexity. Price is dependent on your parts geometry which determines the amount of material that is being used (including any extra options added). The benefit of RapidNylon parts using the LS process is that price is configured by the basic external box volume of the part(s) which lends itself to “nesting” parts for cost savings! See below:

RapidNylon Price Example:

Synergeering's Price GuidelinesThe piece price of two parts is less than one; simply because of the LS nesting capabilities that no other RP process has! This is dependent on your parts geometry and timing requirements.

Time is also a factor that goes into price. If you can wait our standard 5-9 day lead time (upon “kick off”) you are getting our lowest price! If you need your parts next day however, premium RUSH timing is an option!

Do my parts need Infiltration?

We suggest that your RapidNylon parts are infiltrated only if they need to be air and/or water tight. This process seals the porosity of the GF material, and will make your parts resistant to stains as well. This process does not affect the heat tolerance of your parts, and will only effect absorption of liquids. If you are unsure, please send us your models along with a brief description of the application of your part so that we can work on a solution with you!

Can my parts really be used for actual testing?

Yes! RapidNylon parts are the most durable and robust prototype parts made! This is the closest thing you will get to an actual production part and you can treat RapidNylon as such. RapidNylon parts are made to take the heat & beat of a running engine!

What temperatures can my parts be exposed to?

The RapidNylon parts have a glass transition temperature of 138°C (280°F), and a melting point of 184°C.  Deflection under load is geometry dependant.

How large of a part can you make?

Synergeering Group has 3 LS machines with the largest functional build areas IN THE WORLD! Parts can be built in one piece up to 28” x 15” x 23”. Larger parts can easily be built in sections and bonded back together. Therefore, there are NO limitations when it comes to size!

What is the smallest feature you can produce?

RapidNylon parts can be produced with wall thicknesses as little as 0.8mm, limited by the beam width of the laser. If your part requires a very high resolution please contact us about other Rapid Prototyping services we offer.

What inserts can you assemble into my parts?

The benefit of RapidNylon parts is they allow for the installation of threaded inserts, helicoils, self-tapping screws, compression limiters, o-rings, etc. Models should be designed according to the dimensions of the insert following an illustration of placement. Inserts should be sent directly to Synergeering for installation.

Why do you suggest that some parts be hollowed?

Depending on the size of your parts and their thickness we may need to hollow them before we build them. This is recommended to increase the build accuracy of parts that are extremely large and thick.

Hollowing your parts is merely an automatic adjustment to your parts that we do here in CAD. We will discuss this with you beforehand, but we usually recommend that we hollow them to have a 4mm wall thickness theme throughout.

Can I paint my parts?

Yes! RapidNylon parts are completely paintable! Parts are delivered to you ready to be sanded, primed and painted. We suggest using a typical spray on die, but any kind of plastic compatible paint will work. Click here to see RapidNylon parts painted!

How long will it take for you to ship my order?

Our typical lead time for parts to ship is 5-9 days upon receipt of “kick off”; email authorization. This is considered our standard timing, and where you will get the best price possible! If parts are required sooner, rush pricing is available depending on the size of your parts and any extra’s added.

Can you ship outside the U.S.?

Yes we can! Please provide us with the shipper you would like us to use along with any customs paperwork that needs to be filled out.

Click HERE for a complete Technical Guide for RapidNyon™

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