RapidNylon® Prototypes

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Synergeering's RapidNylonRapidNylon® parts are produced using a highly modified additive manufacturing process and a unique blend of high end material. Parts are extremely durable with high heat tolerances, exceptional strength capabilities and chemical insolubility.

  • Extremely Durable
  • High Heat Tolerance
  • Pressure Proof
  • Liquid Insoluble


Parts are produced directly from CAD models, using a highly developed and modified additive manufacturing process called Laser Sintering (LS). This process uses a pair of CO2 lasers to sinter cross sections of parts layer by layer, 0.15mm at a time. Parts are built on a descending platform within interchangeable build chambers. Un-sintered material surrounding each part acts as support to enable full utilization of builds and allow for complex geometries to be easily produced.

Size Capabilities

Synergeering's RapidNylon Size CapabilitiesSynergeering’s three LS machines have the largest functional build chambers IN THE WORLD! Parts can be built in one piece up to 28”x 15”x 23”. Larger parts can also be easily produced in sections and robustly bonded back together to maintain the strength as if they were one piece. This process also allows for low volume production. Thousands of small parts can be easily produced as each build can accommodate 10,000 golf ball size parts at one time!


RapidNylon® parts are built using a unique home brew of Glass-Filled (GF) Nylon Powder material. This material has comparable properties to production material (thermoplastic) and has even proven to be a viable replacement for aluminum components. Glass filler creates parts that are extremely rigid and adds resilience to parts in harsh environments. Parts maintain a satin like surface finish with a high level of accuracy.

RapidNylon® Density

1.25 g/cc

Heat Deflection Temperature

138°C (280°F)

Tensile Strength

45 MPa

Check out the RapidNylon Material Data Sheet!
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Synergeering’s RapidNylon® parts are used everywhere! Check out our Applications page to learn more about the industries that are saving money and moving quickly through their developmental phases with RapidNylon™ prototype parts.

Fast Turn Around!

Synergeering's Fast Turn AroundRapidNylon® parts have a standard lead time of 5 to 9 days upon authorization to proceed with build ready data. Please note that we do not need a “PO to GO!” We can begin producing your parts with just an email so you get your parts faster!

Parts can also be shipped in as little as Next Day! Please contact us today about pricing options.

The Extras

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