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We’ve featured quite a bit of case studies that involve scale modeling of some sort, but this latest one might take the top as far as finishing goes!

Synergeering worked with Blast Guru, a manufacturer of tools used in the abrasive blast industry, to make their scale model to effectively demonstrate the workings of their new product the Shot Saver™. The patent-pending equipment has been developed to separate good abrasive blasting media from the unwanted separator fines on abrasive blasting machines. The reusable media is routed back into the blast machine or collection container and the non-reusable media is routed to a discards barrel.

Blast machine separators are traditionally not kept in peak operating condition, literally tons of good abrasive travels with the discards into waste barrels. Those barrels are then sealed and sent to the landfill. Their device sits in route to the discards barrel and screens good abrasive from dust and fines. The device is portable and relatively inexpensive to save users tens of thousands of dollars in abrasive cost each year.

With such an innovative design, the company needed a way demonstrate this unique equipment and knew that additive manufacturing was the way to go! Synergeering worked with the folks at Blast Guru to produce a model of the Shot Saver™. The model was 5 feet in length so Synergeering needed to split them in CAD, produce them in portions and bond them back together. The glass filled nylon material that these were made out of however, made these parts less flimsy especially for such large pieces. This also allowed the customer to robustly assemble the parts together and sand, prime and paint everything ready for the show floor!

Check out the parts before and after finishing and feel free to read more about the company, Blast Guru.

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