RapidNylon parts are produced by using a highly modified additive manufacturing process and a unique blend of high end material. Parts are extremely durable with high heat tolerances, exceptional strength capabilities and petroleum insolubility.

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Synergeering’s RapidNylon parts are used everywhere! Check out our Applications page to learn more about the industries that are saving money and moving quickly through their developmental phases with RapidNylon prototype parts.

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Case Studies

Learn how the RapidNylon process works with customers who are in beginning design stages.

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About Synergeering Group

Synergeering Group is a direct supplier of the world’s LARGEST and most DURABLE Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototype Parts! Most commonly known for producing RapidNylon®; Synergeering Group, LLC is the industry leader in large, fully functioning prototype parts!

Directly from your CAD model, Synergeering uses a variety of technologies to build your parts with free form fabrication techniques that enable full functional testing and complete mock-up’s.

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