It’s almost that time of year…..

October is just around the corner and the teams in SEMA’s Battle Of The Builders® are working faster than ever to complete their vehicles.  The competition held at SEMA in Las Vegas, showcases the unique craftsmanship of the top builders within the industry. Check out the view below of Canadian based Jordan Henke and the … Continued

Think Outside the Cylinder

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” -W. Shakespeare   We thought this quote was pretty fitting for this innovative engine design by LiquidPiston.  They’re completely re-thinking the engine by making it ten times lighter and smaller than a conventional diesel engine without compromising any torque. This innovative “X Engine” & “X Mini” have … Continued

Got an Idea?

Over the years, we’ve been approached by many customers to provide design services. As most know, it’s not something we offer….we’ll stick with the lasers and the white dust. So the search began and it wasn’t long until we met Brainchild Engineering. Comprised of engineers, the Michigan based company offers product design and engineering services … Continued

We’re in a commercial!

Synergeering was recently featured in ACDelco’s latest commercial. The concept of using Glass Filled Nylon material in additive manufacturing (3D printing), was used to compare the strength of that material used in ACDelco products. So what better place to demonstrate the large operation of additive manufacturing with GF-Nylon than here at Synergeering? After a day of shooting … Continued

Dyno Tested!

Lawrence Tech University prepares for the 2017 season with their RapidNylon® intake manifold. Click below to check it out.  Make sure you turn the sound on!  

RapidNylon® parts on NASA’s Nanolite!

Last fall, we worked with one of our customers to produce some RapidNylon® parts for their latest rocket launch.  With the extreme heat, pressures and vibrations there are no other plastic rapid prototype parts that would have made it through the launch!

Animal CT scans to RapidNylon™ models

RapidNylon™ parts have proven to be a great application for a functional rapid prototype for automotive, aerospace, etc.  More recently however, the exclusive parts made by Synergeeing Group have been a great tool for more “out of the box” applications. has developed a way to take a CT scan of an animal and convert it into a working … Continued

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