RapidNylon® parts on NASA’s Nanolite!

Last fall, we worked with one of our customers to produce some RapidNylon® parts for their latest rocket launch.  With the extreme heat, pressures and vibrations there are no other plastic rapid prototype parts that would have made it through the launch!

Animal CT scans to RapidNylon™ models

RapidNylon™ parts have proven to be a great application for a functional rapid prototype for automotive, aerospace, etc.  More recently however, the exclusive parts made by Synergeeing Group have been a great tool for more “out of the box” applications. From-Nature-To-Art.com has developed a way to take a CT scan of an animal and convert it into a working … Continued

Good Luck to the 2013 Formula SAE Teams!

Synergeering Group, LLC would like to wish luck to the 2013 Formula SAE teams in the upcoming races! It has truly been a pleasure working with the teams from all over North America this year! Being able to support these teams with a functioning RAPIDNYLON™ prototype part has been a rewarding experience for all! #FSAE … Continued

iBuKu Pets Growing Trend This Holiday Season!

We want to congratulate ArborCubes’ iBuKu Pets for being considered one of the hottest kid’s toys this holiday season! With initial RapidNylon prototypes produced not even a year ago, iBuKu pets are already available for purchase! Check-out Detroit’s local channel 4’s story on the growing trend! Watch Now!

Welcome To Our New Rapid Prototyping Site

We’d like to welcome you to our newly launched site! Here you’ll find a complete solution for your fully functioning rapid prototyping needs. With detailed descriptions of our processes and services, you’ll quickly be on your way to complete testing! Learn. Find out how our process works and how it’s different!  Having your rapid prototype … Continued

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